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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Time of Her Life

Yesterday I was the "matron of honor" in Michelle's wedding. Many friends worked together to make the wedding a beautiful memory for Michelle & her new husband J.R. After a VERY rainy rehearsal everyone was thankful when the clouds over Silver Lake cleared on Friday just as she was slipping into her dress for pictures.
Michelle was escorted down the aisle by her "little brother" Neil.
Audrey & her husband Bren were also in the wedding. After a slight dress emergency, Audrey ended up wearing one of my dresses. Yes...the decision on which dress I would wear came right down to the final moments and was finally made when Audrey was in need of something to wear. I guess there is no such thing as buying too many bridesmaid dresses, you never know what might happen!
With this ring...
Our sweet baby was very cooperative throughout the entire event - and I must say the quietest child in the bridal party!
Bren, Audrey, Adam, Katie, J.R., Austin, Michelle & Taylor
Michelle & J.R.'s first dance was on the beach at sunset - lovely.
We had fun putting together these favors for the guests. I made the tags on my Storybook Creator program - fun! (Jenn, I thought you'd like to see this one).

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  1. Glad everything went well with the wedding. Love the party favors...great job!


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