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Friday, September 26, 2008

News & Notes

We haven't had many fun and exciting things to post lately, but thought we would give a little update on the latest...

~We had a great weekend of camping with our neighbors last weekend. The weather was beautiful for September! The highlight for me was climbing to the top of the Big Sable Lighthouse - an amazing view!

~This week's eye doctor appointment resulted in new glasses and updated contacts - YEAH!
~Gavin needed an early preschool pick-up today because he was feeling quite miserable - turns out the poor babe has a double ear infection.
~On a positive note for Gavin... his incision in healing nicely and is no longer bothering him.
~My other patient, Miss Anne Hope, seems to be just about back to normal after the ear infection/cough/cold combo we have been fighting for the last two weeks.
~During today's check-up the doctor said our sweet baby's head is down, heart beat is in the 150s, and he/she seems to be growing 1-2 weeks bigger than expected for our due date.
~Kevin has Saturday off and plans to enjoy a bit of time golfing with a friend and the rest of the time making progress on the nursery.
~Katie is looking forward to a night of "crafting" with friends at her Gift Tag Workshop & is putting the final touches on the baby shower we are giving for our friends, and their beautiful son Josiah, this weekend...babies! babies! babies!

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  1. Hmmm...maybe an October baby? :) I need to get your "What to Expect the First Year" book back to you soon (and I will!)


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