A List Maker's Life: Little Boy Brave

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Boy Brave

The children's hospital does a fantastic job of putting little ones at ease and providing them with entertainment during each step of the pre-op wait. Gavin's favorite toy of the day was the riding Jeep.
Gavin got to choose his own surgical cap from a variety of boyish choices. We figured Thomas would be a favorite. This is one of the "souvenirs" from his adventure that he is excited to show his preschool teacher. Just as his anesthetics were wearing off Gavin tried his best to assure us that he was alright with a bit of a smile. He was most frustrated with the IV that was all wrapped up around his hand.

We were all smiling to hear that Gavin was doing well enough to go home! Gavin was courageous & cooperative throughout his hospital ordeal. Today he is resting on the couch as comfortably as possible with some fun DVDs, colorful balloons, pirate toys & puzzles, matchbox cars, card games, and LOTS of love & attention.
As with any difficult situation there are lessons to be learned as a mom. Yesterday was an exercise in courage for me as well. Often I reassure myself that Gavin will be fine because he does his best in every situation and has shown great maturity and bravery in past situations. However, I was reminded how difficult it can be as a parent to see my child in a helpless situation that I have "dragged" (or more literally - drugged) him into. It doesn't matter how grown up each of my children are, or what their birth order is, they are still "my babies." (mom...maybe I'm starting to get it...)


  1. So glad everything went well...and did Gavin enjoy his Happy Meal? :)

  2. We're glad Gavin is doing ok. Looking forward to a short visit tomorrow! :)Annie and Jeremy


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