A List Maker's Life: I Believe It!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I Believe It!

Gavin was having a conversation with his Gram about his first week of school. She was having a difficult time getting him to share much information so she started asking some specific questions to prompt him. I had to share my best rendition of how the conversation progressed!

"So, Gavin tell me who is the prettiest girl at school? Who is the friendliest child? Who is the..."
Gavin answered a few of these questions with answers I could have predicted he would share.
So, mom asked him, "Who is the LOUDEST kid at school?
After thinking about how to answer this question for a few seconds Gavin replied, "Well Gram... that would be ME!"


  1. Very funny. At least he's honest, right? :)

  2. hahahahahaha! The first two days of school I hardly heard a peep out of him! Maybe having some new friends and a new teacher attributed to that.
    But....today that all changed. I was happy to see the real Gavin, chattering away and squealing with delight as he played with his friends.
    What a great little guy!


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