A List Maker's Life: Would the Happy Couple Please Stand

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Would the Happy Couple Please Stand

Having recently begun a friendship consisting of a few emails, phone calls, and one group date, Kevin invited me to be his date for a co-worker's wedding. I was glad for the opportunity to spend time getting to know him better.

During the reception guests were encouraged to participate in a game. Instead of a dollar dance, individuals could pay to have another couple's names added to a raffle. Each time the bride and groom smooched, in response to clinking glass, they also drew a name of a lucky couple to stand and mimic their over-the-top, newlywed kiss.

Who knows what kind of lunch break conversations between Kevin and his co-workers preceded this date, but the guys certainly had an impression about our relationship status. One jokester added our names to the drawing. Unaware that we were included in the game, we were caught completely off guard when the bride called out "Kevin & Katie, please stand and show us your kiss!"


It's a bit unfortunate that we were both too red faced and nervous to remember much about our first kiss (Kevin's first ever...)! Thankfully we had another, bit more private opportunity, a few days later ~ and now a lifetime to keep practicing. It was only a short year later when we relived the public kiss in front of our own wedding guests!

As our 8th anniversary approached this month, it was fun to think together about our first kiss. We were reminded that we may still owe someone a long overdue "THANK YOU!"

This post has been submitted to Scribbit's August Write Away Contest "First Kiss."


  1. Oh my gosh! I would have been red too--but at least it turned out with happy results :)

  2. WOW! That is a great story! Funny how we could have never written our lives they way they turn out, so much more interesting they way things unfold!

  3. How embarrassing! I mean sweet! Since it obviously wasn't too bad and you had more chances . . . Definitely a memorable occasion, at least.


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