A List Maker's Life: We Scream for Ice Cream!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Scream for Ice Cream!

We are always looking for an occasion for celebration, so what better day to celebrate than National Ice Cream Day! (For those of you who don't have the obscure "holidays" listed on your calendar it was yesterday). For all the love it gets in the summer, any type of ice cream could be considered the 6th member of our family! During the day the kids and I hosted an open house/ ice cream social. In the evening we made our own ice cream cone art project together - fun! In my opinion, the best ending to the special day would have been a trip to Captain Sundae. However, we have a freezer full of ice cream bars, so we each enjoyed one of those instead. (Well, Kevin actually enjoyed a 1/2 box of ice cream bars on his own! He is the ice cream version of the Cookie Monster!)

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