A List Maker's Life: Trinkets

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What a monumental day it was back in February when "Princess Pipa" gave up her pacifier! We were so excited to have one less requirement in the rest time routine. If only we knew then what we know now...

Before climbing into bed, Anne Hope begins collecting her treasures. She loads her space up with all sorts of special things that she couldn't possibly sleep without. To name a few...
~2 Strawberry Shortcake figurines
~2 stuffed Hello Kitty toys
~Lots of beads & plastic jewels
~Her very special Bitty Baby
~1 big Cabbage Patch Doll & 2 small ones
~Any & All books that we read during the day or recently checked out of the library
~3 blankets (which she likes put on in a specific order)
~This AM she even woke up still clutching the sucker saved from the last trip to the bank
~Hippo (MOST important!)

There is almost room for her to sleep in the middle. (But, just look at how content she is!) I know that no one wants to see a 2 year old running around with a pacifier, but some days we wonder if that was just easier. Hopefully we won't be packing this sweet "girly girl" for sleepovers anytime soon!


  1. Such a sweetie! Soph stills manages to have her complete bed filled top to bottom, front to back with stuffies....she's lucky if she can squeeze into her bed at all! It's all about security.....Too cute!

  2. She truly is a sleeping BEAUTY!

  3. awwwwwww, my youngest was like that until he was about 15! (don't tell anyone he would kill me for telling!)

  4. My Miss A (who is 2 also) has a posse she sleeps with. And they ALL come with her into our bed on Saturday morning sleep-ins and wait for her in the window by the front door when she leaves for daycare. It just cracks me up!


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