A List Maker's Life: Today!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Today was the day we have been looking forward to! We were planning to finally meet our little babe "face to face" in ultrasound pictures. We didn't get much (if any face)! We did however get the opportunity to see a few other glimpses of baby (little feet, a spine, and an arm). The ultrasound tech was not able to get pictures of several of the body parts on her list of "must checks." She was able to track a heart beat (mid-high 150's), but she wasn't able to get close enough to monitor the 4 chambers of the heart working together. So, for that, and a couple other important reasons we will get to see baby #3 again in about four weeks. Hopefully next time he/she will take out the thumb and roll over enough for the doctor, mom, dad, and video screen to actually get a picture or two. The technician wanted to blame the lack of cooperation on stubborness; I prefer to think the baby is just very content where he/she is!

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