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Monday, June 2, 2008


This morning I took the kids with me to my doctors appointment with the hopes of making "baby" seem a bit more real to them. They were able to ask the doctor several questions (mostly about the tools in the room) and hear the baby's heart beating. The nurse asked Gavin if he was hoping for a baby brother or sister. He quickly answered, "Sister!" When she asked why he explained, "that way the baby will sleep in Anne Hope's girl room and share her toys." Both Gavin and Anne Hope were pretty quiet through the rest of the appointment as they processed the whole situation. Yet, as we left the office they started in with their priceless comments.

"Great job in the big chair mommy!" (Anne Hope)
"Momma, did you know that you were smiling the whole time we listened to the baby's heart beating?" (Gavin)
"That's a nice baby in your tummy mommy." (Anne Hope)
"Is the baby's heartbeat that noisy in big church momma?" (Gavin)
"If we don't know if the baby is a girl or boy how will we pick a name? What is the baby's name? Is it Dash?Boogster?" (Gavin)

It is too fun to hear the kids' perspectives on the whole situation as they discover how "baby" will change all of our lives! (For those of you searching for boy/girl clues...today's heart beat lingered in the 158-166 range).


  1. How fun! I predict it's a girl. Will you find out...or do you already know?

  2. We are pretty sure we aren't going to find out this time. We didn't find out with Anne Hope and it was a really special surprise - of course birth is a special surprise no matter what, but you know...

  3. HI Katie!!!
    I was checking the site meter on our blog and saw that one of the viewers was linked to this blog.....Hmmmm
    I was so glad to find your blog!!
    How exciting that you are having baby number 3! I'm so happy for you.
    Also, I'm really excited you are leading our board. I think it's going to be a great year.
    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and Gavin better!


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