A List Maker's Life: Notes From the Underbelly

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Notes From the Underbelly

From this perspective my belly looks just about as big as it feels!
Kevin and I are looking forward to notes from inside the belly in just 5 more days!!!

(I need to give credit to Adventures in Babywearing - one of my favorite mommy blogs to check - for the title idea.)


  1. Oh, I LOVE that you did this, too!!

    Love it!


  2. Katie,
    I say we start a pool.....What will be the date when the toes disappear from the picture? Ha!
    July 12th.....hmmmm?
    As far as names go..... A 'J' name is Julius!! Imagine this.... Julius Alphaneaus Meyering.... JAM for short!

    Love ya!


  3. Ha! Yes, I am afraid that by week 21 I won't need to (or won't be able to) paint my toe nails to show in the picture!


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