A List Maker's Life: Ingenious

Sunday, June 22, 2008


in·gen·ious [in-jeen-yuhs]
1. characterized by cleverness or originality of invention or construction: an ingenious machine.
2. cleverly inventive or resourceful

Kevin loves to collect other peoples' discards. "Do you want that? We could use that!" he will typically say. Yes, we are thankful for people who share generously with us, but sometimes I wish we were not such collectors.

Anyway...yesterday Kevin and Dad transferred my parents' computer from an industrial metal car to a very nice, new desk. As they were hauling out the old cart, my dad jokingly asked Kevin if he wanted it. Kevin thought for a few minutes before deciding that "YES! I have a great idea!" I actually rolled my eyes. My first guess was that he would propose this cart as a perfect changing table for our new babe. Then I predicted which corner of our garage this lovely metal contraption would end up in.

Well, I have to give him lots of credit today! I am so impressed! While the kids were resting, Kevin worked away in the garage fashioning the old metal cart into a perfect rolling table for his table saw. It really is quite something. It has an attached power strip, an old vacuum attachment to catch the saw dust, and a tray/shelf to hold the "saw fences." Now, we have a very useful piece of furniture and one less item on the "house wish list"! Go Kevy!! (and...thanks Dad!)

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  1. Way to go Kevin, What was I thinkin, giving away a very useful piece like that. How much do you have to have for this table saw bench?


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