A List Maker's Life: Huh?

Monday, June 23, 2008


So, the ice cream man just went past our house playing "What Child is This?" For some reason that doesn't seem very "come on out and buy our ice cream on this nice, warm, summer evening"ish! What song does the ice cream man play as he cruises your neighborhood?


  1. Ours plays "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" which ALWAYS gets stuck in my head. (There might be another name for that tune, but that's the song that goes with it).

  2. That is so funny...just last night my husband told me that when he was sitting out on the deck the ice cream truck had come by playing a Christmas hymn. He was meeting with a group of guys doing their bibles study outside as it was a nice night and they just found it funny to be serenaded to the tune of "what Child is this". We must live in the same neighborhood...or else this ice cream truck gets around town.

  3. Popeye the Sailor Man.....and boy is it annoying!!!!


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