A List Maker's Life: Help?

Monday, June 16, 2008


So, we are still playing the baby name game. We probably will be until the day our precious babe arrives, despite the pile of books we have checked out from Herrick. Today while we were eating lunch together we asked the kids for their suggestions (Again! If you recall from a previous post, Gavin had some crazy ideas!) Well, it hasn't gotten much better...
Here are the kids' most recent ideas. Anne Hope had a nursery friend in mind when giving her 2 cents with the J names (They may be cute enough names, but we are steering clear of anything that starts with J). Gavin...well who knows what he was thinking!

BOY - Popster or Josiah
GIRL - Dinga or Josey

So, maybe it is time to start searching elsewhere for name assistance. If you have any interesting names you have heard or always loved, we'd love to hear them. (Of course, not if it is a name you are banking on for a future child of your own).


  1. I think Josiah or Josey (or Josie) are great names.

    Two of my favorite boy names are Benjamin (Ben) and Sam. Pete doesn't care for them, so they're off our list for any future little ones.

    Girls: Lucy, Caroline, Ellie (I'm kind of into the traditional names - can you tell?)

  2. I like traditional too. I was interested in using Grandma Meyering's name, but Kevin would like to steer away from a family name this time - bummer!
    We also casually talked about "Ellery" with the nickname Ellie, but Kevin says, "Ellery Celery!"...funny!
    Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I haven't posted our girl's name on my blog yet, but would be happy to tell you via email! I have a book- 50,001 Baby Names and have to say that we got the name elsewhere! Just one we happened to love!


  4. Katie and family- Just checked the blog for the first time in awhile and I didn't even know you were expecting! That is great news! Communications lines are down in the family I guess. I have been trying to find your e-mail or phone # b/c Scott and I will be in Holland this weekend for a wedding. We would love to stop by at some point if you are free. Hope it works out, but if not, maybe some other time? Many congrats and I will try to think of some names for you.
    E-mail me or call 517-927-9230 if you are around this coming weekend (June 20-21). Take Care, Kara


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