A List Maker's Life: Forgot How Much Fun

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forgot How Much Fun

When we were first married, Kevin and I often packed up our rackets and headed to the tennis courts on summer evenings. However, it has been YEARS since then and we haven't swung our rackets at all. For Gavin's birthday he got a tennis racket he was anxious to try on "the real" court like the "big kids." So, tonight Kevin and I dusted off our rackets, we all ran off some steam at the courts, and had a great time together!


  1. Looks like we need to find a PINK racket for Anne Hope!

    G'ma M.

  2. We were just chatting about picking one up(and a few more balls)for her before we go to G.H. this weekend, although she was ver happy to chase balls and cheerlead tonight. Looks like lots of fun family time on the court to come for this family. Thanks for the gift!


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