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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Berry Thankful!

Every June my mom, my gram, the kids (since they've been around), and I have taken a morning to pick and tip LOADS of strawberries! I absolutely LOVE them and can't get enough!!! This annual tradition comes with a running joke. Who is trying to get out of "all the messy" work? Soon after the first berries hit the wash & tip process, someone throws out the "Little Red Hen" accusation. To be honest, my gram and I usually start it with a funny look then quickly blame my mom for not helping "at all!" In actuality, she is the one flying around the kitchen looking for all the right containers, washing off the field dirt, mashing, adding sugar, stirring jam, cleaning up our messes, or helping the kids - while Gram and I sit at the table, tip, and visit!

Well, this year I have to officially take all the blame & admit that I do not deserve a single one of the four yummy quarts of strawberries I have already eaten this week (or the freezer full of delicious berries and jam meant to last through the rest of the year)! I didn't lift a finger...in fact, Mom and Dad (yes, Dad!) did all the picking & paying, and Gram helped them both with the processing mess! Thanks to all of them I am in berry heaven. I promise to get back into tradition and help out a bit next year.

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