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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Special Gifts

This week I received two very different, yet very special, surprises from my guys!

1. Because Gavin doesn't have preschool next week, when I picked him up today he was thrilled to present me with a Mother's Day gift. It was so precious to me to get something made by him, for the first time. He was so excited to give his gift and put heart into it. Quite impressively, he had kept it a secret even though I asked several times last week what he was learning/doing at preschool..."I don't know what I did Mom, I forgot." He planted a seedling and decorated the pot. His thoughtfulness showed through in his decision to add pink tiles..." 'cause I think that is your favorite color..." and hearts to the pot. It was all very sweet. I was most proud of my 3 year old when I saw how he had carefully and correctly written his name without my help! (I am sure you other moms out there have had a similar experience and can relate)

2. Kevin surprised me this week with the purchase of a laptop computer. We have talked about this purchase as a "dream" off and on. However, he took me Monday night to pick it up. He decided it would be a "goodluck on your thesis, congrats on your M.A." gift. I am really enjoying it. I am all so thankful to have wireless (much faster) Internet and to be able to sit upstairs by Kevin and visit while I type. YEAH!

I am one lucky momma!

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  1. What a precious gift! Gavin is a wonderful secret-keeper. :)

    And enjoy the laptop and wireless internet - you can sit on your patio and type away. Lovely!

    Aunt Amy


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