A List Maker's Life: Simple Pleasure

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Simple Pleasure

At last I have my own, home-grown lilacs. All my life I have dreamt of big bushes of lilacs that I could cut for bouquets at any time...like the kind my gram had. Since we have owned our house we have planted several lilac bushes. While they are beautiful green growing bushes, until today I have never had a lilac bloom of my own. Now I do, so I rushed out with my scissors to cut it and enjoy it inside!

Kevin noticed the flowers right away too..."Something in the kitchen smells like stinky shoes. Oh, its those!" (To each his own...)


  1. Nice Lilacth!!

  2. Now you know why Katie didn't have Lilac bushes when she was growing up, I'm with you Kevin "dirty, stinky shoes" That's the way I enjoy them most , in a photo and at someone else home.


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