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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Good Start

We fully intend for it to take all summer for us to paint the entire outside of our house and garage. However, today we got a better start than we expected. After a change in forecast saving us from a rain day, we decided to get up and out early to tackle part of the garage.

Ten hours,
perfect sunshine/breeze mix,
plenty of primer,
2 gallons of "Wells Beach" Dutch Boy,
2 trips to the store,
2 bags of gummy worms,
2 great new brushes,
2 fantastic naps on the kid's part...
...and we now have a freshly painted garage, shed, and back of the house.

"YEAH," cheer the 2 happy (somewhat tired out) painters!

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  1. Kevin and Katie - you are our inspiration! :) The biggest obstacle is just getting started, right? Please share any tips...here's to getting our houses painted this summer!


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