A List Maker's Life: The Gift

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Gift

Our family was excited about the gifts we put together for our moms and grandmas on Mother's Day. The message in the frame, which we have been thinking about for close to 4 months, was fun to finally share!

Instead of my typical "listing" of our names the gift tag reads, "Happy Mother's Day from ALL of us!"


  1. Congratulations...You guys are certainly blessed!!! Love the frame...very creative! Had fun with you guys last Friday night...let's do it again soon!

  2. Um... What is that 4th picture???? I didn't see it until I clicked on the photo to look more closely at all of you, and I almost missed it!! Can it be? Another sweet little one to add to the bunch? CONGRATS from us!

  3. From the information we have.....the 5 of you will be camping next year!!!

    Just a thought...Do you guys know that twins ARE in the family???

    Lots of love,

    Rj & Arelys

  4. Uncle Rog~
    Thank goodness for ultrasounds to put our minds at ease about the twins - smiles!!! We were actually a bit nervous about that for a few weeks.
    So...we want to know...any info on Amy. It seems these anouncements typically come in pairs!
    Looking forward to seeing you for an Ergang gathering next weekend.

  5. So far, no new news....but things can change....We shall see!
    Looking forward to seeing you & your family!



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