A List Maker's Life: Down at the Farm

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Down at the Farm

The kids and I visited Teusink's Pony Farm today with Gavin's preschool class. The weather was perfect and Gavin had a great time...

...riding "Lucky" the pony,

petting the baby animals (bunny, kid, lamb, chicks, and ducklings),

and feeding the goats.

Those of you who really know his personality, and "love" for animals, recognize that this is all quite amazing! "What about Anne Hope?" you ask. She was completely convinced she must stay in her stroller far, far away from all the living creatures. (I wonder where she gets that?) Her highlight was the hayride.

1 comment:

    What did you think of riding that
    "little" pony? What animal did you
    most like petting?
    It looks like you had great weather
    and a fun time.


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