A List Maker's Life: Birthday Wishes

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Gavin is sure growing up quickly. He is beginning to figure out the excitement of birthday anticipation. This morning while we were getting groceries at Meijer he asked if we could look at the toy section so he could make a birthday list. Before his nap he wanted me to be sure that I wrote down everything that he said. We talked about how this is just a list of ideas and wishes. I thought it was fun to hear him listing, so I thought I would share it here.

"For my birthday I would like a Gordon party with a blue cake or maybe a white cake with blue frosting. If we can't find Gordon napkins and party stuff I'll prob'ly have to have a garbage truck party. Now please write down the toys I would like, okay mom.
*an umbrella
*a tennis racket (one that is my size)
*tennis balls (we lost ours)
*a fishing pole
*cars movie cars (but I already have Mack so don't write that down)
*a sword thing
*a talking Tonka garbage truck
*new Geo Trax
*Thomas stuff (like Gordon's station)
Wow, that's LOTS of things I said. Isn't it? Oh, one more thing...I want a base drum and a big TUBA." (HA!)

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