A List Maker's Life: Page Turning "Picks"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Page Turning "Picks"

The cold weather outside in the last several weeks has given us plenty of time indoors to enjoy the many interesting books. As the winter season draws to a close we thought we could share with you a few of our recommendations based on what we have most recently enjoyed reading.

Kevin: The Glorious Cause, by Jeff Sahara (In fact, Kevin would probably recommend ALL of the books by this author)!

Katie: Someday, by Karen Kingsbury & The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls
(These top my list of pleasure reading picks, although I have done a lot of academic reading this season and spend most of my time in the pages of Strategies That Work, by Anne Goudvis or Writing Essentials, by Regie Routman)

Gavin: Magnificent Me, by Dan Haseltine...the multi-talented lead singer of Jars of Clay (Super cute book & FANTASTIC illustrations - I see why it has caught his attention).

Anne Hope: Princess Baby, by Karen Katz (Finally...thinks Anne Hope... a story about a little girl who can relate to the demands of being princess).

We'd love to hear about the pages you've been turning and any recommended reading, as we look ahead to summer vacation days reading on the beach!


  1. I read a few good ones this winter.

    1.Oil! by Upton Sinclair. Very well written - kind of a socialist propaganda piece IMO, but fitting for the time in U.S. history (early 1900's) The movie "There Will Be Blood" (best actor Daniel Day Lewis) was based loosely on this book.
    2.Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski (non fiction). Social experiment on people's and churches views of homeless people. quick read - very enlightening.
    3.Duma Key by Stephen King. Yeah, yeah, evil writer, I know, but still the most talented and consistent writer of prose IMO.

    Todd H

  2. Todd,
    Have you read Same Kind of Different As Me? It sounds like it would be similar to Under the Overpass (which I think I will have to check out)- it is a true story of a young man who grew up homeless and the impact a Christian man had on his life. I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for commenting. It is fun to hear what you guys are reading. I got the idea to read Glass Castle from Christy's recommendation.

  3. i did read that, and liked it too.

    Also, top 2 favorite novels:

    The River Why?, and The Brothers K both by David James Duncan. Written over 10 years ago, but I'm thinking re-read this summer for sure.


  4. I hope it's not too late to add our picks:
    Amy: Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas. I'm just a little ways into it, but it's excellent.
    Pete: Pete's been reading through all of the Oz books - on his Palm. How he can read on that little screen, I'll never know... :)
    Peyton: Lately, it's been The Jolly Barnyard (thanks Aunt Katie!) and The Poky Little Puppy (that book always makes Mommy hungry with all of those yummy desserts the puppies eat)

  5. Amy, I have been wanting to read Sacred Parenting. You gave me a good reminder to get to the library and check it out!
    Pete, reading on your palm can not be good for your eyes:)
    Peyton, keep up the great reading. It is a wonderful habit to have:)


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