A List Maker's Life: Hope

Monday, March 3, 2008


The definition of hope is “faith in things to come.” I thought I would share a glimpse of spring - I have faith that it is coming!!! Kevin is finishing the final clean up of another successful home and garden show. Lucky for me, last night GreenCo generously shared many of the annuals from their display with our family. I had to search for creative ways of potting, displaying, and sharing my abundance. So, hope is springing up all over my house today!

~In the cookie jar
~In the triffle bowl
~Out of gift bags
~Around a serving tray
~On the tables
~Over the TV
~Even from the crock pot


  1. a tulip bomb just went off in our kitchen too!!


  2. Leaves a pretty good odor though, doesn't it?


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