A List Maker's Life: "Traveler's City"

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Traveler's City"

Thanks to a very generous gift, we just returned from a wonderful winter get away at Great Wolf Lodge! Gavin was so excited on the ride there he could hardly stand it. Having seen the lodge commericial several times he happily sang, "Goin' to the Lodge!" He would stop singing to exclaim, "But Mama! But Mama! Are we in Traveler's City yet?" You can see he very literally interpreted the name Traverse City. (He also announced to our Pizza Hut server that the restaurant would be more appropriately named "Pizza Hot!" When she delivered our pizza and explained not to touch it he said, "Now, that is what I'm talking about...Pizza Hot!")
Anyway...we had a great time together and were happy to miss the snow storm that appears to have hit the rest of Michigan on Wednesday and Thursday!

While we were at the lodge we enjoyed:
1) storytime with Wiley the Wolf at the singing tree house
2) MagiQuest - an interactive & magical game
3) waterpark splashing, swimming, tubing, and more
4) a visit to The Traverse City Pie Company
5) a woodsy playland
6) arcade games
7) warm, humid (82 degree) air
8) sleeping a little longer than normal
9) a break from homework and house projects
10) being together as a family


  1. So glad you had fun in Traveler's City - and glad Kevin missed out on plowing all of that snow! :)

  2. Double Green -Nice!! that's the fastest slide there - Pretty brave for the little guy...

    Todd H

  3. so glad you could get away and
    just enjoy one another in such a fun new setting.


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