A List Maker's Life: Celebration

Saturday, February 2, 2008


This morning we went to the Fennville Children's Museum. They hosted a birthday party for Elmo.
During the party the kids did several fun activities:
1) "limboed" with Elmo
2) played parachute games
3) sang Sesame Street songs
4) delivered handmade birthday cards to Elmo
5) ate birthday cupcakes
6) posed for pictures with Elmo
7) brought home a goodie bag of Elmo surprises
It was a cute event and the kids seemed to have a good time. However, Gavin figured out quite quickly, "That Elmo is just a man!" Anne Hope, on the other hand, truly believed he was THE fuzzy monster and wanted to stay as far away from Elmo as possible!


  1. How fun! I LOVE your SB+ card! : )

  2. Anne Hope, you just stay away from guys who dress up in silly, fuzzy outfits. Don't let them bug ya!!!

  3. I'm with RJ , AnneHope you stay away from those kinda creatures, next thing you know you'll see people dressed up like big birds or purple dinosours and things like that . hope you guys enjoy your time away.

  4. Happy Late Bday Kate. :) You 2 are great parents. You had good examples. Nice seeing all the fun stuff. Aunt Marie


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