A List Maker's Life: Why Do We Crop?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why Do We Crop?

Last night we had a scrapbooking "crop" at our house. Jenn, "my list making soul sister"and loyal cropping buddy, sent me a message this morning with her top 10 reasons for cropping at Katie's. I thought it was a fun recap for those of us who love to gather for our 3rd Friday scrapbooking ritual (smiles)!

~The following list is used with permission (& w/o revisions) ~

Top 10 Reasons to Attend a Crop at Katie's
10. A free Diet Pepsi upon arrival
9. The desserts are delicious (loved the chocolate chip cheesecake!)
8. It's an opportunity to watch Kevin frantically search the house for a pacifier and "Bunny"
7. To see if Annie will actually scrapbook (hee, hee)
6. For some needed help with page layouts when my brain has fried
5. Having a night out with other adult females
4. An excuse to talk about other people behind their backs (oops, that's gossiping!)
3. To be inspired by awesome digital creations (Your family tree is incredible!!)
2. A chance to complete pages that haven't been done for months
1. To catch up on life with Katie

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