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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What do you think?

Okay family trivia contestants...you were pretty good on last week's questions. I don't know if I can completely stump you, but I am ready to throw some new questions out there for you to ponder.

1)Whose dream job is to be a pilot? (Hint: there is more than 1 correct answer)

2)Would Dana prefer a Friday night In or Out?

3)Our favorite ice cream flavor was a 3 way tie.
Which of these doesn't belong in the list:
Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Moose Tracks, or Chocolate?

4) "An intersting fact about me is that I enjoy long walks on the beach and Danielle Steele novels." Who wrote this?


  1. now these are toughies....
    Pilot... wow, that one has me stumped. I'd be taking a wild guess.
    Dana....nowadays she'd just as soon stay home, due to her heavy work schedule. Normally I believe it would be an 'out'
    Ice cream....nobody SHOULD like mint chocolate chip....what, with all the moose tracks and chocolate available......
    Arelys likes long walks ANYWHERE and she likes reading Danielle Steele while LAYING on the beach. But I was a good boy and did NOT look at her answers, so it's a guess that she is the one for #4.
    Aunt Marie....tsk tsk now why would you indicate that I am normally incorrect....why I oughta!!! haha I STILL love ya sis!
    Katie, Kev and little 'uns have a great day!!

  2. These are REALLY guesses

  3. hi guys, Kevin great job on the home improvements

  4. Good guessing this week. Here are the correct answers though.
    1) Kevin and Ryan both dream of becoming a pilot
    2) Dana prefers a night IN - Uncle Roger your reasoning was exactly what Dana wrote on her survey.
    3) Chocolate came in a close 2nd place to the 3 way winners
    (vanilla, moose tracks, and mint chip)
    4) Are you ready for this one...
    It was Jonathan!!! He also answered all of the questions with a great deal of sarcasm, so believe what you want (smiles!)


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