A List Maker's Life: Week 1 Done - 14 to Go!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Week 1 Done - 14 to Go!

As many of you already know, this semester I have joined the ranks of full time graduate students at Grand Valley. I am in a rush to finish my M.A. in Reading Education by the end of the summer. I was on a roll, tackling several classes each semester, until we decided to add little people to our family. I find myself now in a situation where I must finish or I will lose all the credits I worked hard to earn several years ago. So, this semester I find myself in school 3 days a week.
1) Monday – EDR 631: Teaching Writing
2) Tuesday – EDR 622: Developmental Literacy
3) Thursday – EDG 641: Talent Development
Although it is already a challenge trying to find time to complete many out of class assignments, I am quickly remembering how much I enjoy being a student!


  1. I am so proud of you Katie! It's amazing how you juggle being a full time mom and student and yet still find time to keep up with your blog.

  2. You are an amazing lady! You juggle
    so many roles so well.
    Love and Prayers!


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