A List Maker's Life: To Brighten My Day

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

To Brighten My Day

So, I really haven't been looking forward to January 22 this year. I don't know why this is such an issue to me...but it has been! Although I feel badly that Kevin has to be out plowing all through the night and all day today, I was almost relieved to just have today go on as normal.

However, normal it is not. I have been reminded repeatedly of how I am "surrounded by love!"

1) This morning I woke to birthday phone calls and shouts of "thanks" for once again delivering on my birthday blizzard promise.
2) Fun email greetings from many friends and family members
3) A virtual floral arrangement (did you know you could do such a thing)
4) Hugs and kisses from 2 babes who have NO clue how old 30! is and don't even know how to count that high
5) A pile of mail (and not one bill included)
6) Left over goodies from a family celebration on Sunday
7)And just in the last 5 minutes a beautiful arrangement of my favorite flowers from a very special sister-in-law and her family (Delivered to my door by a smiling gentleman even though he had to wade through 11 inches of snow in our driveway).

Thank you all for celebrating for me! (I am almost ready to celebrate too - smiles!)


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU!! We hope your day is filled with good things....and Katie...30 'ain't so bad. After all, consider the alterntive. 30???? Oh my goodness....what does that make me? sheesh...

    and more so, what does that make your dad?????? hahaha

  2. thanks little brother, but to answer that last question, still dad!! kinda hard to believe 30 already


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