A List Maker's Life: A "Pretend" Birthday

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A "Pretend" Birthday

Tomorrow is an out of the ordinary day for Gavin. He will be celebrating his birthday at preschool. This is a bit strange since his actual birthday is June 7th. However, his teacher missed his 1/2 birthday back in December and still wants him to have a celebration with his friends. So... January 17th was randomly chosen as the date for Gavin's "pretend birthday" (as he calls it)! Tomorrow is also teddy bear day at preschool, so you will see a common theme in the list below.

For his party day, the birthday boy will...
1) Be accompanied by mom for the morning at preschool
2) Wear the birthday crown and teddy bear slippers
3) Pass out teddy bear cookies and gummy bears to his classmates (served on carefully selected Cars movie napkins)
4) Bring a favorite teddy bear for show and tell. Gavin's favorite bear proudly wears the GreenCo logo and says, "Looks like snow, I think we're going to have to plow tonight."
5) Pretend for the day that he is already 4!

I am glad that Gavin is so excited about his special day.
I think I could get excited about my birthday too if it was pretend!

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  1. Happy Pretend Birthday, Gavin! We hope you have lots of fun on your very special day.

    Uncle Pete, Aunt Amy and Baby Peyton


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