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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy 2008!
Once a month I meet with a few of my good friends to share ideas about activities for family fun. Last night while sharing ideas about New Year traditions, someone mentioned a great idea that I was excited to try right away.

At the beginning of every year the family starts an ongoing email foward where each family member adds their predictions for things that will happen during the new year. When the list has made it's rounds to each person in the family it is printed and saved - to be reviewed the next year at Christmas. They try to add predictions about world events, as well as each family member. They have since found that throughout the year they listen more carefully to each other's comments to get ideas for their predictions. Kevin and I thought we would get it started.

1) A Democrat will win the White House
2) Peyton will be crawling by July
3) Tigers will be in the World Series
4) One engagement in the family (hmmm...I wonder which family?)
5) Anne Hope will "insist" on an all PINK wardrobe
6) Todd will create his own "Elf Yourself" YouTube video called, "Just Keep Smiling!" (It is no wonder Kevin enjoys working with him. They both know how to have a good time!)

Now...we are enLISTing your help!
In the comments section please add a prediction or two you have for 2008. They can be silly or serious. It will be fun for all of us to read and review them throughout this new year.


  1. Predictions......

    1. A Republican must win the White House! :)
    2. New England will not win the Super Bowl.
    3. The Pistons will again reign supreme as will the Red Wings.
    4. Tigers? I REALLY hope so!
    5. Someone in our family will shoot a record book buck in the fall!
    6. Our family will visit Lobsterfest in Rockland Maine!!!!

  2. Truth be told...
    Kevin wanted to me clarify the democrat in the White House prediction with a :( and/or a message that that comment was specifically from me.

    Rockland Maine!!! That sounds fantastic. That is on my list of things to do...someday!

  3. Atta boy Kev!!!!!
    August first we head for Maine. Roger, Arelys and I.
    We're staying in Bangor which isn't too far from Bar Harbor. Your folks were there and say they loved it.
    Sounds like fun indulging in Lobster. Even McDonalds serves lobster over there! haha

  4. Katie - this is fun! Here are my predictions:
    1. Pete and Amy will finally paint their house, and it will take all summer.
    2. Peyton's first word will be "hi" or "dada."
    3. The Pistons will win the NBA Championship, the Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup, the Tigers will win the World Series, and the Lions will STILL stink.
    4. The presidential race will boil down to Barack Obama and Fred Thompson (who surges ahead beginning with the South Carolina primary and never looks back).
    5. Britney Spears finally gets the help she needs, moves away from Hollywood and begins to turn her life around.

  5. I love how positive you are, Amy! We were going to predict Peyton's 1st word to be "Kevy", but you are probably more accurate with dada (smiles!)
    Intersting idea about Fred Thompson...time will tell won't it.
    I sure hope something turns around for Britney. It is very sad!
    Have a great day tomorrow!

  6. Someone will soon turn 30.
    Someone else will be 20.
    Someone will complete their Masters.
    Someone will put Honda back in their life.
    Many will again.. loose the 5 lbs.+
    gained over the Holidays.


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