A List Maker's Life: Kitchen Makeover

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kitchen Makeover

Kevin thinks he is ready to wrap up "Project Kitchen," so I think it's time to spotlight the changes!

1) green walls
2) off white cabinets and paneling
3) cracks and holes in the plaster
4) greasy, grimy gray ceiling (Aren't I painting a lovely picture?)
5) bumped up, banged up, chipped up cupboards and baseboards
6) continual cleaning without the personal satisfaction of making a notable difference

1) shades of brown around the room
2) waynes coating to replace the panel
3) new electrical outlets, switches, and covers
4) fresh white ceiling
5) unchipped cupboard fronts & shoe molding
6) Happy Momma!


  1. Wow - that's a beautiful transformation! Don't you love what a fresh coat of paint can do? Great job Kevin (and we're praying for your safety as you plow).
    Amy (and Pete and Peyton)

  2. WOW is right! Looks so warm and
    cozy. New curtain? Very Nice!
    What a busy and productive Jan.
    you have had. You need to take
    a break and do something you
    LOVE in Feb. (Maybe this is what
    you love?) Making things look

  3. wow what a nice job, there can't be that many more rooms to do at your house is there. Great paint job and really nice decorating touches. Is this home for sale??????

  4. Looks great - I love it.. looking at something close to the darker shade for my bedroom :) Nice work!


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