A List Maker's Life: Between Saturdays

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Between Saturdays

Since last Saturday Kevin has been very busy with home improvements!

He has...
1) sanded down our living room walls and all the trim
2) repaired the windowsills
3) painted all the walls in the living room, entryway, and hallway
4) painted the entryway ceiling
5) replaced all the outlets and light switches in these 3 areas
6) painted the inside of the coat closet
7) replaced the light fixture in the entryway
8) CAREFULLY painted all the trim
9) added matching shoe molding trim in all 3 areas
10) replaced all the hardware on our built in cabinets
11) washed, ironed, and re-hung the curtains
12) rearranged the furniture in the completed room

All this while I did my best to keep the kids entertained and out of his way.

This much needed project was a long time in the planning. We first painted the living room on THE DAY we moved into our home (6 years ago). Needless to say, we rushed the job and it never really looked great. I am sure Kevin didn't expect the project to take a whole week this time, but we are both very pleased with the final product!!! You'll have to visit and see it sometime.


  1. Way to go Kevin! I am so impressed. Can you please get my husband to do some home improvements in our house? Has Katie hired you full time or are you still working at Green Co.?

  2. After a week as productive as last week, I would definetly hire Kevin full time if I could pay him what he is worth. But, since I can't...thank goodness for GreenCo.


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