A List Maker's Life: Why Not?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why Not?

I always hesitated to start a family blog:

1) Who do I think I am that others would really want to read about my family's daily events and adventures?
2) Do I want pictures and information posted for the world to see?
3) Will I keep up with my entries or become the never changing blog?
4) How will I come up with clever headings and titles like those I appreciate on others' entries?
5) What if I "publish" my misspelled words and incorrect punctuation for everyone to edit as they read?

Although I could still list several reasons for not thinking we NEED a blog devoted to our everyday moments, I have decided to start one today because...

1) It's fun!
2) I enjoy writing.
3) Perfection isn't necessary.
4) I am proud of my amazing husband and children.
5) Our extended family may appreciate another way to stay in touch.

So, if you are interested I hope you will continue to check back on what is new and noteworthy in this listmaker's life!

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