A List Maker's Life: Celebration

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We had a fun time at our family Christmas party last night.

The party included:
1) Lots of food
2) Crafts for the kids
3) A Promise for Christmas
4) Gifts
5) Homemade Ice Cream & Green Punch (according to tradition!)
6) First Edition Family Trivia

Although the trivia was quite spirited, we didn't have a chance to feature a question from each of the family members who were included. So, I thought it would be fun to post a couple questions each week and see if we can have a bit of online participation. If you are up for it, post your answers in the comment section. HAVE FUN!

1) Whose favorite holiday of the year is Memorial Day?
2) Which electrician in the family is afraid of high voltage?
3) What soda should Grandma stock in her fridge - Coke or Pepsi?


  1. Hi Katie.
    Memorial day as a fav...thats a toughie...I'm gonna guess....Karl,
    Julia's hubby.
    Electrician...only one I know of is Josh
    Soda...Coke, Diet of course!
    Thanks again Katie and Kevin for all the work you put into the game! You guys are the greatest!!
    Merry Christmas,
    Love, Rj and
    Arelys and family

  2. Hi Everyone. Memorial Day=Dad..Electrician/Josh/Diet Coke. Thanks for your efforts, Kate. They did not go unnoticed. Merry Christmas. Love, Aunt Marie

  3. Thanks for playing guys!

    The answers are:
    1) Becky...we are all wondering why???
    2) Josh...you get an A on that one!
    3) Coke won over Pepsi by 76% on the surveys...I am with you on the Diet Coke though!

    Check back for more trivia questions later and feel free to send me any pix you think I should add to the page anytime.

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy!


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