A List Maker's Life: Trivia Time

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trivia Time

Which flavor of ice cream was not mentioned on our favorites list?
A)Blue Moon
C)Bubble Gum

Kelly and Katrina both have December birthdays.
True or False?

When we go to the movie theatre do most of us prefer comedy or drama?


  1. Nice BLOG!

    you are a good:

    1. Blogger
    2. Creator of Blogs
    3. Blog maker

    Todd H

  2. Well...thank you! I got my inspiration from someone you know very well! (In fact, I think you have a list maker in your family as well:)
    Merry Chrstmas!

  3. Blue moon says Arleys and I.
    True on the birthdays
    I say comedy. Arelys says drama....

  4. Here are the answers...

    1) Bubble Gum
    2) False - Kelly and Hunter
    3) Comedy - 74%

    I will post some new questions soon.

  5. Personally I find it hard to like bubblegum in an ice cream....some things just oughtn' be...:)
    And I should learn how to type my wifes name....Tis Arelys...not Arleys...oh well, a case of the fingers going faster than the brain. Not such an unusual occurance!


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