A List Maker's Life: Penguin Play

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Penguin Play

This morning we enjoyed the Grand Rapids Children's Museum with Grandma. The winter exhibit is called Penguin Play and features a large wintery play structure complete with "snowballs" to slide into.

Today's museum favs included...
1) Dressing up as a fire fighter ("and the boots was tooooo big for me")
2) Decorating a ceramic tile with "sparkly pretties"
3) Playing bank teller
4) Pounding the drums
5) Listening to the balls hit the bells as they went down the slide
5) Fishing from the play boat


  1. Hi Katie,
    I was at the museum the other day. I'm a member of the Chamber of Commerce and one the members of the group I facilitate is from the museum. We had our meeting there and saw the penguin display. Bob The Builder is coming the first of the year. I gotta take Clay and
    Ethan to that one!
    See ya later,


  2. Oh Man, Bob the Builder will be a huge hit with the boys! I bet we will be back there early in 2008also! That is neat that you are part of the Chamber of Commerce.
    Good guessing on trivia...check back after Christmas for the answers (smiles!)


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