A List Maker's Life: Christmas Realities

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Realities

1) It is bound to snow enough to plow when we have a party to attend.
2) After all the days of anticipation Christmas is over so quickly.
3) Christmas jammies make for cute pictures on Christmas morning.

4) Wrapping paper comes off much easier than it goes on.
5) Not everyone gets the 24th and 26th off work. (Some people even work on the 25th…we were thinking of you Jeremy and Pete)
6) There is no rest without bunny!
7) Kevin found the pickle for the 1st time.
8) Katie is thankful for more memory (and memories).
9) You can’t play a rock n’ roll guitar and hold a microphone at the same time.

10) Kid’s gifts require a fair amount of assembly and AAA batteries.
11) Nick has inherited the amazing gifts of building, decorating, and wrapping - as demonstrated in all of his holiday preparations.
12) It doesn’t matter how good you are at drawing, if you select the card “Salvation Army” in holiday Pictionary no one is going to guess it (…sorry Uncle Tim).
13) Anne Hope loves caring for her babies.
14) The “little things are the big things” when it comes to making a celebration special. (Ex. Peyton, candles, the chipmunks, cracker charms, keys)

15) It IS more fun to give!
16) We are very blessed by generous grandparents, aunts & uncles, and friends.
17) Jesus is the reason for the season.
18) This Christmas was truly Merry & Bright!


  1. Hi Katie, Dad and I are enjoying
    your blog.

  2. HI Katie, found your blog, maybe Gavin should write a rock "n" roll song about that

  3. You did it! Yeah! I was able to read your comment. Thanks for all the Christmas fun.
    See you soon,


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