A List Maker's Life: Can You Guess???

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Can You Guess???

It is time for a few more family trivia questions. Let's see what you know!

1) Who celebrates a birthday in January? (Name 2)

2) What is the preference of the majority...sand or snow?

3) Whose middle name is Michael?


  1. Hmm..Kate is January..that's all I know..I think majority love sand..and middle name of Michael is a mystery. Hi any and all..I have written several comments, and they must be off in cyber land, somewhere,..at the 'letter dump'..Happy New Year Kate, Kevin, Gavin and Anne Hope:) Aunt Marie

  2. Katie and Melissa have January birthdays.....Marie is smacking her forehead on that one.....
    I believe, sand SHOULD win the preference battle....
    Michael......is this Kevin????...This is only a guess as Marie didnt know....assuming she knows the middle names of the son-in-laws/boyfriends.... :)
    Katie, I enjoy looking into you guys lives via the blog! And WOW that Anne Hope is cutie!! (you too katie....)


  3. Oh crap..I knew Melissa was in January as soon as you said that..no I dont know their middle names..I just refer to them as 'a snap of fingers, or I make eye contact'..sorry Melissa/Trish! Rog is right (for once) the blog is fun! Its 4:30 am right now, while I enjoy insomniac time:) Who's Todd?? Aunt Marie <>..said I could use 'tags'..

  4. You guys crack me up! I will give you the answers in a few days. I am waiting for mom and dad to take a guess...
    Sorry we missed your comments for awhile. I did have some trouble with them for about a week, but I think all is well now.
    Todd is Kevin's boss as GreenCo. You will have to check out his elf costume. The link is www.thehultinkfamily.blogspot.com
    (It's on the side of our blog under sites we enjoy - "after yesterday..."

  5. O.K. Katie here goes
    Jan. Birthdays, I knew :)
    Sand!?! as so many are campers:)
    On the way home from your house
    last night, I was thinking about
    Michael? and Steven came to mind.
    I checked the books when I got home
    and YES it was.
    ERG for me on this guess.
    Thanks, for keeping people connected.
    Fun to "hear" the chatter.

  6. Ah Ha! Good work this time!
    Yes, the January birthday girls are Katie and Melissa

    Sand! For sure - 67%

    Steven Michael is also correct. Although, middle name questions are pretty tricky I would agree.
    If I hadn't recently read/typed them all I probably wouldn't know more than 10 of them.

    I will post more questions later this week.
    Have a great day!

  7. ok folks....let's not stay anonymous....I'm too nosey for that!!
    Gary (katies dad) get this computer thing figured out already would ya??? :)


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